Streaming your event to the Globe.

Show your event to a wider audience with a Stream/Broadcast. Teaming up with us allows your event to reach its full potential.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

CEO of

We’ve worked around Europe with multiple Clients

Conferences, Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Pickleball, Football to name a few of the categories that we have worked with 

Embracing technology, enhancing viewing pleasure

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API Integration

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Business Continuity

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Our solutions

A brief look at what we can offer. There’s more though!


A TV style presentation gives your event the professional look that keeps viewers engaged.

Free, PPV, Private

We have dedicated servers that allows us to offer Free to View, Pay Per View (PPV) or Private streams perfect for any situation.

Custom Graphics

Scoreboards, Lower Thirds, Ad Breaks, and Set themes are all done custom to your event’s needs. 

Geo Location Locked

We can restrict a stream to Geo Locations. This can be for various reasons to benefit an event. 

API Integration

Ability to connect up to the biggest Sports API networks for various different scoring needs.

Local Recordings

Some events just need recording and archiving. We can do that too!

Helping you identify your event needs

Unsure what your event needs to take it to the next step for the on-screen experience? Let’s book a meeting and explore the avenues available.

Insights from our experts & news from the industry

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