4K UHD Cameras
Professional Broadcast Headsets

Sam Jones
CEO & Producer

Sam is the man behind every camera angle, replay selection and the whole show.

For what started off as a little project for Sam its now brought a whole new path in his life merging the two main hobbies, Pool & Technology, into one and bring a full HD production for people to watch at home.

Andrew Sanderson
Right Hand Man & Head Commentator

Andrew is the voice you will hear most on TYPLive, taking role as the main commentator and making sure whoever is guest commentating is on track. Lets not forget the helping hand of reaching up for places where Sam cant reach

Shark Rack

Commonly seen on the American & Chinese pool circuit these have become very popular and a lot of UK pool players have been waiting eagerly for a version to come out thats suitable on the 7x4 table and smaller lighter balls. So the question is, does it work??

Sponsor the Streams

With regular streams reaching over 5,000 viewers and interacting with over 100,000 people across social media we have a great growing base thats attracting more and more people from all over the world. So why not have your business logo on the face of the stream?


The Towers

Towers, Mansfield hosting 14 Pool Tables and also 14 Snooker Tables. TYPLive are the main streaming provider for all events at The Towers! Read More....