About Us

Hey I’m Sam Jones and I’m the founder of The Yorkshire Project Live. Throughout my teen years I found myself either on my PC behind a screen or behind a lens capturing the world go bye shot after shot. 2016s the year, having a room full of technology and a mindset revolved around technology I set about doing something practical with all my equipment and start something off that was picking up on pages of Facebook and YouTube. Playing in the local pool league in Bridlington and representing East Yorkshire County I thought I’d combine the two passions I have. Facebook Live had just started becoming into full development for all users and people were keen to stream their pool matches onto their profiles for people to watch and enjoy, even if they were at a 45 degree slant.

So I set myself a roadmap and off I went travelling down that road. I was passionate on having a broadcast that stood out from many others and captured peoples attention for all the right reasons, but as always its not as easy as first thinking. I tested things out with none other than my webcam I used for my game streaming and found it was okay……watchable to a sort. Set it out with a scoreboard and a boom microphone I have from movie projects. Okay so we had something going, but as always I’m forever looking at ways to improve, so there it was next day in the post came a camcorder and a tripod. It all looked a little bit like this……

Oh wow was the scoreboard big, hmm very big actually.
Okay so its going in the right direction, had people thinking it was a bit weird but at same time thought it something different to bring too Bridlington Snooker Centre where I mostly stream matches from. Viewing figures were well what I expected really, 20-30 people mostly of which where family and friends of the players on the stream and sometimes peaked up to 50 people which I was over moon with.

Few road blocks came and went but still stuck at it knowing it was something I enjoyed doing and wanted to grow. 2017 came and I re-thought my roadmap and went back on the journey. Next stop, commentary, no sports broadcast comes without commentary well 9 out of 10 times anyway. So next through the post was a couple of handheld microphones and a few other bits and bobs to company it. In the words of a friend called Lanny…….Boooooom, the broadcast seemed pretty much laid out till the next stop came.

Change of scoreboard, so few hours later after sitting at the PC working pixel by pixel I came up with a straight and narrow scoreboard that you will all be familiar with today. Wow it made everything look a bit cleaner and brought a bit more of a professional look the broadcast. It had its purpose and fitted right in. There I’m happy settled with a setup that looks the part and does the part. While all this upgrading and changing around came about the viewing figures and the likes on the page grew and grew and grew. Something a little bit like this