Every pool player I know hopes on getting the best split possible each frame and the Shark Rack claims to do just that.

Commonly seen on the American & Chinese pool circuit these have become very popular and a lot of UK pool players have been waiting eagerly for a version to come out thats suitable on the 7×4 table and smaller lighter balls. So the question is, does it work??

Taking the triangles down to Bridlington Snooker Centre, plenty of people were quick to write them off and I can see why they would. You have a protruding flexible plastic triangle on the cloth so surely balls will change course when coming in contact with it, well they do and they dont. Any slow rolling balls will change course when going over the triangle, at pace however theres no issue and the balls do keep to their line.
So balls have landed and on a standard UK 7×4 table theres going to be a high chance of a ball on the triangle, two choices either you mark the ball and remove it or play on while the triangle is still on the cloth but that doesnt sit well with a lot of people for reasons previously stated about balls been influenced by the triangle.

Having watched countless Chinese 8 ball championship matches where balls have been influenced by the triangle and nothing said we battled on for the simple reason of the splits! Now I aint going to say its 100% great split rate as theres too many variables but its certainly 99% there when it comes to the two common breaks of head on and cut breaks. The splits have been wonderful, balls spread evenly for a nice dish and the break n’ dish rate was certainly on the up, down to the constant splits that the Shark Rack achieved.

Quick Pros
– Consistent Splits
– No Slack Racks
– Increased Break Dish opportunities

Quick Cons
– Slow balls can be influenced
– Racking takes a bit longer than usual

My Quick Verdict – Good racker that needs some slight design tweaks but Ill take the splits for the odd slow roll off that happens.

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Please note this is a sponsored review.