PW Cues Breaking Cue

I’ve always seen breaking cues as a gimmick more than anything but this may have changed my opinion on them. 
12oz of super stiff ash with a nice finish really made me think positive about this one. So only one way to test a cue and thats by giving it a good knock. PW Cues kindly posted it next day delivery (Bonus Points) so that it arrived ready for my next league match.

The breaking cue itself has a really nice feel to it and slides effortlessly through the hand to help with that clean consistent contact point on the white ball. On contact the hard 10.5mm tip gives a satisfying clean impact and combining that with the super stiff ash it leaves you in the position of able to throw everything through it without the worry of damaging the tip or the cue.

Now its okay talking about the feel but does it all help? Well yes, yes it does. For me I had a consistent split that well came to my disadvantage when I dry broke but my days when a ball found its pocket they were mostly left for pickings. Differences between a normal triangle and the Shark Rack made light and day difference and really made it show why a tight rack system is still crucial to the English 8 Ball Game! Either way the Breaking cue helped with both setups! 

For reference I’m a small slim lad so not much weight getting behind the cue! My break of choice is usually a white ball stunned into the top pack from around 4 inch either side of the centre spot. The break leaves the white in a relative safe middle area position ready to get the dish.

Order yours now today for £50 + P&P via facebook today!

Please note this is a sponsored review.