Money Match Mania V

Live from CJ’s Pool Hall in Roysth we bring you all the action from some of Scotlands finest money match players. Action comes live to you on the 27th October across two tables!

The card list at current stage: 

Barry Wraith vs Jamie Simpson 
Lewis Mchoul vs Scott Coventry 
Kevin Corcoran vs Mikey Polley 
Shaun Wishart -3 vs Colin De Swarte 
Graeme Jarrett vs Sean McPake
Nathan Hunter vs Dan Inglis
Mark Thompson vs Rab Edment 
Grant Polley vs Pie Corcoran 
Craig Adamson vs Morgan McInnes 
Lee Marshall vs Kyle Cochrane 
George Grosset vs Mark Searle 
Adam Johnstone vs Danny Wilson 
Greg Wardlaw vs Johnathon Young 
Darren Devlin vs Paul Gowrie


Please note that all these matches and pots connected to them are subject to change before the 27th October. Keep an eye out for more announcements on this page with Money Match Mania V