Best Free Scoreboard Plugins for OBS & SLOBS

Best Scoreboard Plugins for OBS & SLOBS

To complete your pool stream or any other kind of sport you need a scoreboard! You may have just got a simple square box but you need that data to show too like scores and names so heres a list of Scoreboards for OBS and Streamlabs OBS that I recommend.

Scoreboard App 

This is pretty much the same application as Scoreboard+ but with a few different features. With this version you can change create lists of upcoming matches to easily transition to other matches. You can also connect to the software over LAN which means it can be on a totally different PC to the stream. This is my backup just in case my main software ever bugs out! Download Here


Scoreboard+ is a scoreboard software that allows you to put a scoreboard in your live stream through .txt or .xml files. It is easy to setup and also have tutorial videos linked on the page. There are plenty amounts of options you can tweak to get you the perfect scoreboard in your live stream.  Download Here

ScoreBoard Edit

ScoreBoard Edit is a very basic scoreboard with just names and scores. It also has two label features. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have anything for timers or lan access. If your just after a very basic one then this is your go to. Download Here

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