Becki Lea Videography

For a while I thought that TYPLive was lacking in a sense of an advert or just someone else covering what we do, like we capture everyone else’s events but there was no visual to what happens behind the scenes with us. So here’s were Becki Hicken from Becki Lea Videography comes into play.

I’ll be honest I’m not the most confident person when it comes to seeing myself on screen, yes its grown over time with live events, but when you know that it’s pre-recorded and can be deleted that’s where most of my personal projects have ended.

Anyway back on point, as with any recording there’s countless takes, blunders and laughs. I’ll be honest walking around Bridlington with Becki following with her camera on the gimbal gave me a right buzz. You always caught in corner of your eye people looking at you probably thinking a mix of quite a few things. The ideas that Becki had for the scenery to use, the flow of the advert and general script ideas were great. In the end we threw ideas together along the day and had a variety of clips to use for videos and photo grabs.

Take a look below of the 2 final videos that Becki has done for TYPLive as well as all her social media. Go say hello and check out all her other work!

Check Becki's Socials & Website Below!

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